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Search Discovery is a leading Salesforce analytics platform partner providing services for CRM Analytics, Einstein, Tableau and Data Cloud for Tableau. We’re specialists with deep Analytics, Data Engineering & Data Science expertise.


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CRM Analytics

Empower employees with actionable data insights and recommendations fueled by AI and integrated in your CRM. Get data visualization with native Salesforce data that’s fully integrated with the Salesforce stack.

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Comprehensive AI for CRM that makes Salesforce Customer 360 smarter. Get machine learning-driven discovery and predictive models in either standalone or dashboard-integrated solutions.

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Increase productivity, better understand customer needs & build stronger customer relationships with this industry-leading visualization tool for users who don't work in Salesforce everyday.

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Revenue Intelligence

Our Quickstart Packages for RevIntel and CRMA give you out-of-the-box revenue forecasting and pipeline analysis templates.

Proven Success with Salesforce Analytics

If your dashboards are only reporting what happened in the past, we can help you integrate predictions for more actionable analytics.


CRM Analytics and Tableau build beautiful, actionable dashboards, and each can also incorporate predictive insights into the dashboards with Einstein Discovery. Predictive modeling can create huge advantages, whether you’re focused on envisioning your pipeline, conversion funnel, scoring models to guide your sales team, or predicting other critical business metrics. Search Discovery gives you smarter models than you could get elsewhere: Our team of data scientists ensures your predictive models are optimized and interpreted correctly.
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The power of Einstein Analytics is now as limitless as the imagination of your data scientists. With Einstein’s BYOM feature, you can develop models outside of Einstein using powerful software tools like R and SAS to employ advanced modeling techniques and feature engineering. Custom models can improve the strength of your predictions while still using Einstein to deliver insights to the familiar Salesforce applications of frontline employees.


We’re experts at deploying analytics solutions, but sometimes the tool’s power isn’t enough. You need a solution that doesn’t yet exist to solve your most complex business problems. 

Search Discovery offers custom solutions, from developing location-based queries for industries like real estate, retail, and restaurants to developing custom Lightning workflows, so your employees can prioritize and make decisions at the point of customer contact.

Let’s talk about custom analytics solutions to solve your business problems.


  • We are experts in data and analytics with over 7 years of experience with CRM Analytics, Einstein, Tableau, and Data Cloud for Tableau. We ensure platform-specific best practices from day one.
  • Our team of data scientists ensure your Einstein predictive models are optimized and interpreted correctly.
  • Your immediate needs are our priority. We can ramp up projects quickly, within two weeks of contract in most cases.
  • We work closely with Salesforce Solution Engineers to provide the exact packages you need, including quick-start packages for RevIntel and CRMA.

Contact us today to get started.

Whether you’re just getting started with Salesforce Analytics or have been a long-time user, we can help you do more with the tools you already own.

Salesforce Analytics Platform Frequently Asked Questions

Sales and Service teams working in Salesforce daily can benefit from CRM Analytics. It works flawlessly with your data already in Salesforce, integrates external data sources, integrates with Einstein predictions, and offers the action framework so users can take action in other Salesforce apps. Teams in Finance, HR & Operations appreciate the industry-leading visualizations, data flexibility & Einstein integrations available in Tableau. Marketing teams appreciate that Marketing Cloud Intelligence, formerly Datorama, with Einstein predictions to adjust marketing campaigns on-the-fly automatically.

Yes. You can purchase standalone products or bundles that include multiple complementary products. We can help you select the product(s) best suited for your needs.

Standard pricing for analytic software is available on Salesforce.com. However, when you negotiate a custom license, you may receive custom pricing and volume discounts. Search Discovery recommends meeting with your assigned Account Executive to determine the best licensing model for your business. If you don’t know who your assigned Salesforce Account Executive is, please contact us, and we can introduce you.
Implementation can be easy with our help. From day one, we ensure platform-specific best practices to accelerate your time to value and improve user adoption. If you’re new to the platform or want to add and integrate another product to your existing platform, we can guide you and help your team excel.

Most software applications can be licensed for a period of 1- to 3-years. The period you choose can be influenced by a combination of factors including:

  • the complexity of the problem you’re trying to solve
  • availability of your team to commit time to working with a partner to implement the solution
  • demonstrated ability of the tool you selected to meet the need and scale with your business
  • the number of users who you expect to adopt the product
  • total cost of ownership over the license period based on the factors mentioned above and the discount offered for a longer term license
Yes, most companies use multiple BI tools. There are so many data sources and reporting needs that no single tool can meet every need equally. Search Discovery works across many of the leading analytics platforms, including all Salesforce analytics tools, and can review your business use cases to help you select the right tool(s) to meet your needs.

It might make sense to use more than one Salesforce analytics tool at the same time. Each of Salesforce’s tools; Tableau, CRM Analytics and Marketing Cloud Intelligence have unique capabilities that make them effective and have been designed to work together well in many cases.

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