XANT is an Enterprise Sales Engagement Platform that accelerates revenue. XANT enables salespeople to be more productive because it helps them visualize their sales campaigns and prioritize their followup based on what works best according to the data. Additionally, Robots work behind the scenes to automate administrative tasks, processes, and workflows and to update CRM fields, send emails, enroll records, and more, to simplify your reps’ day.

The platform also uses multi-channel engagement strategies called Plays, which can be arranged by any time-sequence for any channel (phone, email, social, SMS, video). Plays deliver action alerts, templates, guides, and tracking to keep teams organized and to create a process for sales motions that improve a rep’s effectiveness at reaching their prospect with the right message.


How we work together

Search Discovery is XANT’s preferred implementation and ongoing support partner. With Search Discovery’s track record of implementing Enterprise SaaS platforms at scale, XANT clients quickly realize increased value in their sales engagement platform. Together, XANT and Search Discovery deliver improved lead conversion and a more productive sales cadence for Account Executives.

Why Search Discovery partners with XANT

Search Discovery is a Data Transformation organization, and XANT is a data-first platform for sales teams. Our partnership allows clients to convert marketing qualified leads (MQLs) at a higher rate.

In addition, Search Discovery provides a wealth of experience in Change Management and helping large-scale enterprises adopt and grow their technology investment footprint.



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