Consent Management & Data Privacy

Changes to consent management and privacy regulations are re-shaping the digital analytics industry, but many companies struggle to understand whether and how these changes impact their business. If you don’t know which steps you need to take to become compliant; if you don’t have a great understanding of the features, capabilities, or integration requirements of tools that can help; if you don’t know the data you’re actually capturing; and/or if your lawyers are experts in law and not technology and data capture, it’s time for your company to to get a solution in place.


Translate how the regulations impact your data collection, analysis, and optimization

Bring your company into compliance to keep you safe from legal woes

Generate deeper trust with your customers by being transparent with your data collection practices

Provide customers with options around their data privacy controls

Enable you to retain consent longer when cookies begin to expire


PBS | Measurement Strategy
Alignment & agility achieved with a trusted measurement strategy.

  • Increased capabilities
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Audience insights/ improved customer experience
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Global Beverage Manufacturer| Digital Performance Management
Reducing operational costs and increasing revenue with an enhanced set of minimum viable metrics (MVMs) as part of a global analytics operational plan.

  • 87% reduction in under-performing apps
  • 60% of websites improved mobile site speed
  • 17% average increase in mobile site speed
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Fortune 50 CPG Co. | Global Analytics Deployment Solution
For a top multinational CPG and healthcare co., transitioning to a more appropriate platform provides scalability, standardization, and significant annual savings.

  • 550+ sites in <8 mo
  • $375K annual savings
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While some consent management platforms have features like automatic cookie blockers that seem fine, we, as highly-qualified experts in tag management systems, know that they may not be sufficient. Our experts deeply understand how consent management tools work, and we know how to integrate and activate these tools within your ecosystem to ensure the best outcomes for your clients and your business.

Within the analytics community and for top companies, our thought leadership is guiding industry-shaping action and results. Our approach includes the following phases:


We review your current data collection and identify elements that may qualify as personal information that would need to comply with data privacy regulations. We map the flow of your data between systems so you have a clear picture of the systems, people, and processes that would need to be capable of complying with data privacy regulations.


Our platform engineers integrate consent management platforms with tag management solutions to enable regional tracking compliance. Our data engineers create custom consent management solutions with identity management in our CDP solutions.


We work with platform APIs and your consent management solution to automate the execution of data subject requests. We work with your website team to create privacy portals to ensure the right information is collected with each request to execute access, removal, and rectification requests.


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