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Whether evaluating a first-time purchase of an Analytics tool or seeking to enhance a current enterprise implementation, Search Discovery will help you use data to gain a competitive advantage.

Companies tend to have the following challenges:

  • Analytics implementation does not support their current data needs or allow for future growth.
  • Require best in class implementation so they can trust and act on their data.
  • Desire to scale and skill up their internal team or need additional help to create the foundation to build on.



PBS | Measurement Strategy
Alignment & agility achieved with a trusted measurement strategy.

  • Increased capabilities
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Audience insights/ improved customer experience
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Global Beverage Manufacturer| Digital Performance Management
Reducing operational costs and increasing revenue with an enhanced set of minimum viable metrics (MVMs) as part of a global analytics operational plan.

  • 87% reduction in under-performing apps
  • 60% of websites improved mobile site speed
  • 17% average increase in mobile site speed
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Fortune 50 CPG Co. | Global Analytics Deployment Solution
For a top multinational CPG and healthcare co., transitioning to a more appropriate platform provides scalability, standardization, and significant annual savings.

  • 550+ sites in <8 mo
  • $375K annual savings
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Our approach is based on decades of collective experience and 1,000s of Analytic Tool Implementations. We work with your organization to understand your desired business outcomes and the drivers of those outcomes. We then identify metrics that will help determine how your business is performing against each outcome, solidifying KPIs to be used as the basis for implementation requirements.


Whether you are looking for your first analytics tool or considering a new one, we can perform a vendor assessment to help you determine which platform is right for your organization based on your unique business needs. There are times when you’ll have the right tool, but it has not been implemented to provide the necessary support. Or a piece of add-on functionality, e.g., heat mapping, would solve the requirement. We provide our honest recommendations based on what is right for you.


We’ll take all your business and technical requirements, along with our best practices, to create a flexible, scalable architecture that is easy to manage and maintain. We will also work with internal and external partners to ensure that the data will flow seamlessly as defined in the requirements.


Together we’ll come up with a timeline on when your tool and data will be ready for use. We will help bring your data to life with best in class visualizations and dashboards so that your analytics team can understand what is happening with the business to provide insights and recommendations. All along the way, we’ll be at your side to help train and share best practices in order to build knowledge and skills within your team.


What is GA4

What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Breaking News!

What is Google Analytics 4? We explain Google’s new platform, discuss its implications, benefits, challenges, & what you need to know. See how we can help you get started with GA4!


Apollo Quanties Nomination

Search Discovery’s Apollo Solution for analytics management system is a finalist for a Quantie Award! Read more about our Apollo program and why you should vote for this solution!

Future of Adobe Analytics

The Future of Adobe Analytics

We review Adobe’s new and exciting Experience Platform and Customer Journey tools. Read below to understand how we can help you make the best of them!

Not loving your Analytics Tool and ready to shop for something new?We’d love to hear your gripes and help solve them.

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