Data Integration & Modeling

As companies expand their Business Intelligence, a logical first step is to identify data that will power their insights. Often, this process uncovers disparate data and systems—a barrier often solved ineffectively with manual report generation, which leads to teams spending more time corralling their data instead of delivering value. Navigating these challenges typically requires expertise outside of the organization’s function and further investment in the initiative. Thus the need for data integration and modeling.


Expertise in various BI methodologies, platforms, and open source technologies provides the right-fit data integration and modeling solution for your organization

Automated system integrations via programmatic methods, such as APIs, to alleviate BI data integration pains

Models of your disparate data into new homogenized data structures to enable you to report on more meaningful KPIs powered by metrics from across all parts of your business


When it comes to tackling data integration and modeling, we follow a few basic steps to ensure that no data gets left behind and that all data is high quality. You can use this approach regardless of what platforms or technology you have in place.


During this step, we will work closely with your organization, including analysts, SMEs, and data source owners, to understand where all of your data lives. We will document the systems and complete a deep dive on your organization’s specific implementations and use cases. Along the way, we will work to understand the key business questions this data helps to answer; allowing us to properly model the data to enable it to answer these questions


During this step, we will execute the appropriate connection strategy to connect your various data sources to their final destination. Whether we use pre-built platform-native connectors, API’s, scheduled email reports, or other approaches, we will have automation and self-service as a top priority. We want to set up solutions that allow your team to own and manage your data without outside dependencies (including us!).


Once we have your data in your chosen platform, we will then execute any necessary transformations to bring your data into a format that allows it to be actionable. This includes performing data hygiene and structuring the data into an appropriate scalable model. We will work with you to understand how to join your data across various data systems and ensure that everything is harmonized into effective and easy-to-use finalized data.


Finally, we will spend time validating your data. We will work to ensure that the raw data integrated from the various data sources is accurate and certify that data integrity is preserved by the data transformations.


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