Benjamin Franklin said it best; “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This saying holds true for how many companies approach solving strategic business problems with data. They focus on tactical questions such as ‘what data do I have available’ or ‘where will we view the data,’ instead of strategic questions like ‘what actions and desired outcomes am I seeking to elicit from the data.’ Both types of questions are important to solving business problems, but the key is how they are brought together in a measurement framework. Search Discovery helps companies plan for success with tried and true measurement frameworks that connect strategic requirements to tactical actions.


Holistic measurement frameworks that connect what needs to be done with what can be done

Prioritized and highly actionable KPIs that drive desired business outcomes

Aligned business requirements and goals to alleviate wasted time

Industry best practice measurement strategies that help to forecast future business performance


Our approach to building a measurement strategy and framework is quite simple; start with the business questions that need to be answered. Companies struggle to identify what data sources are needed, or even what metrics to choose…but they can always identify the business questions they need to answer. These questions can ladder-up to more strategic business goals and can also break-down into specific marketing programs and campaigns. A business question is the simplest way to start a measurement strategy.

Learn more about our approach to data-informed decision making in this informative post by Tim Wilson. And for some tips about establishing meaningful targets, check out this 1-page PDF!


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