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Data usage increase is creating both opportunities and challenges. Companies are making more data available to more people, turning to technology that provides guardrails and self-service to ensure experts and generalists alike can leverage data the right way, and building trust while reducing risk.

But with limited data visibility, a lack of lineage and data history, and undeveloped policies and procedures around how data is curated and accessed, businesses cannot effectively access, analyze, and use data.

Our Data Quality solutions instill trust in data and confidence in how data can be analyzed and leveraged within businesses.

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Benefits our Solution Delivers

Enables more reliable data-based decisions

Improved data security

More compliant data (GDPR, etc.)

More accurate and consistent reporting across your business



our approach

Our DQaaS solutions follow a prescriptive approach, which enables us to capture all relevant information and context, such as the relevant data sources and the data therein, the relationship between those data sources, how data is transferred across sources, how it is used across audiences, and the security requirements throughout. That ensures our proposed approaches and solutions are relevant and comprehensive.


We begin all projects with an assessment phase, which consists of data-deep-dives and qualitative interviews to identify issues, opportunities, and solutions. We apply a five-category scoring methodology and deliver detailed notes on your current state.

The output of this phase is a summary Key Themes and Findings presentation, including a living inventory spreadsheet and a visual representation of the data sources and relationships that make up your environment.


In the Architect phase, we plan for how to address the issues uncovered in the Assess phase. We propose a blueprint and prioritized roadmap to enhance the quality of your data. This may include implementing best practices in data management and governance, a review of relevant software and tools, monitoring dashboards and automated reports, data dictionary development, and other solutions.


We’ll implement the best practices, select and implement tools, and develop the processes and solutions we defined in the Architect phase. When this phase is complete, you’ll have best-in-class data architecture, governance and data management practices, and tools in place to help you maintain the new standard you’ve set for yourself.

An example deliverable from this phase is a structured, standardized architecture that differentiates between standard and custom data.

Data Management GFX


Even with the best processes and tools, it takes work to maintain the high quality of your data. We offer multiple support offerings to sustain your ongoing efforts to maintain your data quality.

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