Customize your Sales Cloud
with Data from Google Analytics

Increase your closing ratio with new insights for Salesforce leads

If your company has installed Google Analytics, you are already collecting an enormous amount of behavioral data about your website and mobile app users. This information could be extremely valuable to a salesperson, but the standard integration between Google Analytics and Salesforce Sales Cloud does not pass this information into your lead and opportunity records.
Fortunately, our team has developed solutions that import your Google Analytics data directly into your lead, contact, and opportunity records within Salesforce Sales Cloud.
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Our unique Enhanced Customer Profile Solution
empowers you to:

Equip your sales team—Visualize customer-level insights to provide customer behavioral data in one place so you can initiate meaningful conversations

Boost your sales ratio—Better customer profiles help your reps contact the right prospects at the right time

Increase your Customer Lifetime Value—Integrated data and visualizations at the customer level help you score and focus on your best customers


Multinational Pharmaceutical Co. | Comprehensive Strategy Engagement
Top British multinational pharmaceutical company builds a center of excellence through comprehensive strategy engagement.

  • Released first production dashboards within 90 days
  • Built a center of data excellence.
  • Instilled an experimentation culture and optimization capability
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High Tech | Optimization Program Across Channels
Insights from personalization program drive business growth, novel opportunities, and incredible media spend savings.

  • Drove 11% growth of registrations
  • 388 net new contacts, opportunity valued at nearly $7.7MM
  • Potential of $1MM cost savings in media spend
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American Cancer Society | Optimization Current State Assessment & Vendor Evaluation
The new technology and processes created by Search Discovery helped American Cancer Society increase test volume and impact.

  • 5.4% growth in YoY donations
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Our solution will be customized to import the data that is most useful to your sales team, and leverage the Google Analytics and Salesforce products that you have already purchased.

  1. Define your business goals and validate the quality of the data collected by Google Analytics.
  2. Design a plan that imports the data that is most relevant to your business, while using the products you have already purchased.
  3. Deploy the integration to refresh daily.
  4. Generate a series of reports that can be embedded into your Salesforce records.
Google and Salesforce have each launched new products in the past year that make data more accessible and transferable between systems. As a result, it is finally possible to access your Analytics data and import it to your lead, contact, and opportunity records within Salesforce Sales Cloud, and we’ve created a solution that does just that.
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  • Detailed use cases of how your sales team can benefit from the integration, and 
  • A demonstration of how customers who have purchased Tableau CRM can take this to the next level!


Standard Salesforce integration with Google Analytics can be improved for sales teams. Learn more about Google Analytics Salesforce integration at the customer level!

Integrating Google Analytics with Salesforce: Post 1 of 4

Standard Salesforce integration with Google Analytics can be improved for sales teams. In this 4-part series, learn more about Google Analytics Salesforce integration and how to supercharge your Sales Cloud with behavioral data.

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