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Data Privacy Compliance is More Important than Ever

The foundation of a successful Analytics team is trust. Marketers need to have confidence in the data and recommendations provAcross the globe, brands are finding themselves subject to new regulations from every angle. Be it Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), or increased focus on existing regulations such as the FTC’s Safeguard rule, regulators have begun to take steps to ensure consumer data privacy is acknowledged and protected.

This puts pressure on brands to develop and maintain business processes that assure they remain compliant with the regulations and avoid investigations & fines. However, understanding regulatory requirements and the impact they may have on an organization can be an intensive, time-consuming process.

That’s where Search Discovery can help. There is no need to struggle alone on this journey, and our privacy experts stand ready to assist as you navigate this complex regulatory matrix of requirements. We can identify and implement key efforts required to be in compliance and lessen the chance of enforcement action. ided by the Analysts that support them. Even the suspicion of broken or poorly implemented Google Analytics tags can cause that trust to falter.

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Our Approach to Data Regulatory Compliance

Our proven, repeatable process helps us identify key focus areas and ensures customer success through a multistep process.


We will assess the current state of data regulatory compliance, speak with key business teams, and review the relevant laws and regulations.


We will perform a gap analysis and propose a series of efforts in a roadmap for how to improve compliance standing.


We will act on the agreed-upon roadmap and assist with implementation (as needed), as we assist you with building out your compliance program.

Why Leverage Our Data Compliance Solution:

  • An understanding of regulatory requirements and how they may apply to your business
  • A privacy impact assessment and understanding of your existing privacy solutions and practices
  • A roadmap on efforts that can improve efficiency and move your business closer to data compliance goals
  • Expert help in implementing critical systems, such as Consent Management Platforms  and creating centralized records of consent with your Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Increased customer transparency, which promotes customer trust


Provide clear visibility of the data collected and the purpose with user-friendly language.


Offer equal options to opt-in, opt-out, and provide preferences.


Honor and enforce commitments downstream in a repeatable manner.


2023 Outlook

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A wall of file drawers marked “personal data” symbolize the confusion some brands face when trying to decide what consent means when it comes to sensitive data and whether they need a consent banner or other disclosure requirements.

Do I Need a Consent Banner?

If you need a consent banner depends on many factors, including whether you collect sensitive data and your disclosure requirements. Here’s what to consider first.

From GDPR compliance to a data privacy impact assessment, schedule time with us today to discuss your data privacy compliance needs.

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