Orion Cookie Extension Service

Keep Your First-Party Cookies Longer

Why Utilize A Cookie Extension Solution?

Over the past few years, there has been a flurry of activity related to tracking prevention, and you can expect more to follow. Web and mobile browsers are starting to integrate technology such as Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) to shorten the time that a cookie will identify a website visitor. Hence, your identification of visitors over time is broken. With the release of iOS14+, Apple applied ITP to all browsers that access iOS14+ or iPadOS14+ as well the desktop version of Safari. 

Changes you’re experiencing now:

  • Cookies set via JavaScript deleted after 7 days
  • If a visitor arrives from a tracking domain with data in the URL, these values may be lowered to 24 hours


Microsoft Edge: anti-tracking technology enabled by default


Chrome SameSite


Firefox ETP


All browsers on Apple’s mobile systems gain ITP
Apple iOS14, iPadOS14. & Safari 14


Apple breaks CNAME Cloaking



App Tracking Transparency
Apple iOS 14.5


iOS15, iPadOS15, & MacOS released



Android changes data collection policies


Firefox releases Total Cookie Protection by default



Chrome to phase out 3rd party cookies in H2 2024, affecting 3rd party attribution/targeting & remarketing

Search Discovery’s Orion Cookie Extension Service fixes your identity duration challenges

Benefits that Orion Cookie Extension Service Delivers

  • Better understanding of marketing attribution and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Improved retargeting and remarketing capabilities
  • Improved user experience via experimentation & personalization
  • Improved experimentation efficacy
  • Improved return visitor measurement

Orion Works Best for Brands Who:

  • Have repeat visitors…that they care about
  • Have long sales cycles
  • Engage customers cross-session
  • Spend money on advertising & other types of marketing
  • Run A/B tests across sessions
  • Personalize across sessions

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Orion’s Approach to Extending Client-Side, First-Party Cookies

Orion can extend client-side first-party cookies on the root domain to ensure the same visitor gets identified as the same visitor over time. Here’s how it works:

How Orion Works 1

Step 1: Evaluate which first-party cookies on your root domain you want to extend.

Step 2: Create a DNS A-record for Orion to leverage (performed by client’s IT team)

Step 3: Configure a load balancer to direct traffic to Orion and your web server in order to have similar IP addresses (performed by client’s IT team).

Step 4: Configure which cookies you want to extend on which domains and how long you want to extend them in Orion.

Step 5: Install the Orion library via our Adobe Launch Extension or Google Tag Manager Community Template and create a rule to call the Orion Cookie Extension Service.

Step 6: QA and release.

We can set up Orion for you in under a day, and we help brands with a host of privacy challenges.

Let’s talk about Orion today.

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