Customer Segmentation Strategy

A New Era for Segmentation Strategy and Personalization

Personalization has become table-stakes in the advertising industry, but the decline of third-party cookies has made it harder to group potential customers into segments for effective personalization. The old ways of segmentation and personalization are quickly becoming obsolete, and a surefire, one-size-fits-all approach is nonexistent in the market today.
To help mitigate the challenges of the changing digital privacy landscape by leveraging first party data to inform audience segments and deliver effective targeting, Search Discovery offers a bespoke, tailored approach to our clients that delivers effective segmentation and improves digital marketing ROI.

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Benefits Strategic Market Segmentation Delivers:

Deliver more relevant advertising

Gain a better understanding of customer journeys

Improve digital ROI

Enhance CRO capabilities

Reduce wasted spend

Customer Segnmentation

Our Approach to Creating a Customer Segmentation Strategy

Conceptually, segmentation is simple; advertisers divide their target market into subgroups by behavioral, psychographic, demographic, and geographic characteristics to deliver tailored advertising that suits them best.

The complexity in segmentation arises when trying to combine these characteristics, or when increased privacy restrictions make it harder to collect the data needed to bucket users into groups with confidence.

Our segmentation strategy solution can be broken into three main phases:


Within the assessment phase, we gain an understanding of our client’s current technology, data collection, analytics, and marketing infrastructure. Additionally, we seek to understand the different attributes that make up our client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) and any subsegments of users outside the ICP that would also be a good fit. We then use this information to determine the size of the gap between current and ideal segmentation states.


In the Architect phase, we outline the different personas we want to target, the audience segments we will leverage to reach those personas, and the data needed to populate those audiences. Additionally, we identify new data collection opportunities to enrich and enhance our audience segmentation in the future.


Finally, we develop a deployment plan that specifies which channels, tactics, and platforms we’ll utilize to reach our target segments. This plan is then put into practice, as we help our clients ensure best-in-class media deployment and optimization are combined with audience segmentation to deliver meaningful business impact.


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