RCT for performance optimization

To maximize your marketing impact, you need to measure and evaluate spending across all your media channels. But this is becoming increasingly difficult because third-party cookies are disappearing, privacy laws are changing, and effective data collection remains challenging.

Search Discovery has developed a unique and proven approach to help you measure your media’s effectiveness. We apply mathematical and statistical methods that leverage the concept of a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) to help you understand your media’s performance in a transparent way that does not require individual-level tracking.


Effective measurement of ROI in programmatic and social campaigns

Microtargeted audience optimizations in traditional media campaigns

Increased conversion rates

Optimized media spend without need to “go dark”



Conversion Rate Increase for Leading Healthcare Provider in Three Months


Conversion Rate Increase MoM for High Tech Company


Optimized Quarterly Media Spend for Global Pharmaceutical Brand


An RCT is a scientific experiment that enables performance evaluation of media efforts without the need for individual-level attribution. We do this by randomly allocating groups, treating them with different media efforts, and comparing the results. These groups, which are perfectly balanced by our blocking technology, let you test and optimize the impact of your media efforts by spend, channel, messaging, and tactics so you can properly invest in your media and make impactful business decisions. The balancing approach also eliminates the bias and inefficiency typical of traditional media tests, allowing you to build confidence in your results and achieve statistical significance sooner.

Benefits of using RCT:

  • Determine which of your current efforts are actually driving results
  • Explore ways to optimize and adjust current media spend
  • Test new media strategies and understand their effects
  • Create measurable media results
Want to build transparency, beat impersonalization, and find sweet-spot media investments in a cookie-less world?

No Cookies?! No Problem.

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