Our deep-dive SEO audit identifies both your challenges & solutions.

If you just want to know what opportunities your site has, we’ll perform a deep-dive into your website including technical, on-page & content strategy opportunities. In as quickly as 4 weeks, we’ll deliver your complete SEO audit with a prioritized list of areas of opportunity.

We perform specific featured audits as well. The new Google Page Experience Update means that now is the time to make sure your Core Web Vitals are performing optimally. Don’t fall behind in rankings! Get a free audit today!


Understand your current issues and liabilities and opportunities for performance growth

Prioritize and fix the key areas that will help you achieve your business goals

Set a strategic plan for fixing issues and activating the best opportunities for growth


Multinational Pharmaceutical Co. | Comprehensive Strategy Engagement
Top British multinational pharmaceutical company builds a center of excellence through comprehensive strategy engagement.

  • Released first production dashboards within 90 days
  • Built a center of data excellence.
  • Instilled an experimentation culture and optimization capability
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High Tech | Optimization Program Across Channels
Insights from personalization program drive business growth, novel opportunities, and incredible media spend savings.

  • Drove 11% growth of registrations
  • 388 net new contacts, opportunity valued at nearly $7.7MM
  • Potential of $1MM cost savings in media spend
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American Cancer Society | Optimization Current State Assessment & Vendor Evaluation
The new technology and processes created by Search Discovery helped American Cancer Society increase test volume and impact.

  • 5.4% growth in YoY donations
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SEO Audit (“Dig In”)

We’ll perform a deep-dive into your website including technical, on-page & content strategy opportunities.

Google Core Web Vitals Audit

FREE! We’ll audit your site, paying special attention to your loading speed (Largest Contentful Paint, or LCP), interactivity (First Input Delay, or FID), and visual stability (Cumulative Layout Shift, or CLS). You’ll receive a report detailing where your site may have issues with Page Experience & Core Web Vitals and high-level suggestions for next steps.

Why Search Discovery for SEO Audits?

Our expertise (7+ years average industry experience per team member), client trust (our SEO clients work with us for an average of 3-4 years), and technical chops set us apart from other SEO companies. Here are a few things we do differently:

1. We rely heavily on our core principles.

  • Technical foundation: We work closely with clients to ensure that their website is able to be indexed and that their technical structure is strong.
  • Contextual relevance: We help clients establish strong contextual relevance through their website’s content and information architecture.
  • Industry authority: We guide clients towards establishing themselves as the most authoritative source for their industry, product and/or service.

2. We build capacity.

  • Air-tight specs: All recommendations and specifications that we deliver are ready to implement immediately with few (or no) questions.
  • Ongoing education: We believe in teaching our clients to fish. Over time, you’ll become SEO experts and we’ll become experts in your brand!
  • Helping hand: We are always ready to jump in and help execute where we can. It’s not uncommon for us to have direct CMS access to make changes.

3. We’re nuts about data transformation.

  • Complexity and Scale: We’ve helped highly-complex, large brands, with multiple sites, thousands of locations, international, etc.
  • Data-Driven: We care about driving business impact and will always be rooted in data.
  • “Scrappiness”: We’re not afraid to get creative to help you reach your business goals.


Google Certifications

The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Google Certifications

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