Conversion Rate Optimization Training

Studies show that optimization departments run into consistent issues, even in different industries. These issues vary from different origins, such as test setup, prioritization and impact, research strategies for ideation, limited tool knowledge, and optimization best practices in general. We’re here to help train internal teams to thrive in these specific pain points and to become best-in-class practitioners.


Introduce new advanced qualitative and quantitative research methods to supplement test ideation

Assist with key prioritization methodologies to allow the team to have the biggest impact on program ROI

Enhance test design and test planning to complement the planning roadmap, setting clear expectations, and aim to increase testing validity in experimentation

Introduce test setup and coding best practices to ensure a robust and successful test

Train your team on how to use a newly acquired optimization tool

Train new and existing team members throughout your organization who are interested in getting started with optimization

Teach advanced optimization concepts and how to implement them

Inform on best practices when analyzing optimization campaigns, especially on different types of experiments conducted


Multinational Pharmaceutical Co. | Comprehensive Strategy Engagement
Top British multinational pharmaceutical company builds a center of excellence through comprehensive strategy engagement.

  • Released first production dashboards within 90 days
  • Built a center of data excellence.
  • Instilled an experimentation culture and optimization capability
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High Tech | Optimization Program Across Channels
Insights from personalization program drive business growth, novel opportunities, and incredible media spend savings.

  • Drove 11% growth of registrations
  • 388 net new contacts, opportunity valued at nearly $7.7MM
  • Potential of $1MM cost savings in media spend
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American Cancer Society | Optimization Current State Assessment & Vendor Evaluation
The new technology and processes created by Search Discovery helped American Cancer Society increase test volume and impact.

  • 5.4% growth in YoY donations
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Search Discovery will partner with your organization and align on existing pain points, then define the scope of potential training topics to enhance your program’s output. Post alignment, Search Discovery will tailor the training by audience type, size, topic depth, etc., by use case and overarching goal. Depending on your needs, we offer:


In person training vs. virtual remote training


Training topics that are produced by skill set (beginner, intermediate, advanced)


Topics that cover business practitioners, developers, analysts, QA, etc.


Industry best practices training, ensuring optimization efforts are deployed with highest quality


Training material that is customized to your specific organization, environment, and technical implementation


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Structured Ideation Techniques 101

Post 1 in a series that summarizes ideation techniques to develop customer-centric testing hypotheses. Learn the basics, how to make the case to leaders, and what to read next.


Client-side vs. Server-side Testing: Which Should I Use?

As cookies disappear, it’s more important than ever to learn the difference between client- and server-side testing and some use cases for leveraging each method. We’re here to fix the confusion.

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