There is no more important work an optimization program must consider than the selection and implementation of the right A/B testing software or technology solution to support the program. At Search Discovery, we’ve developed an industry-leading, technology-agnostic vendor evaluation and implementation process that will help you ensure you have the technology you need to support your program including implementation and integrations required to deliver continuous growth.


Subject Matter Expert guidance from industry technology leaders

A vendor evaluation customized to your organization’s unique needs

Technology expertise across all leading platforms and technologies—and several up-and-coming technologies as well

A focus on making sure your test platform and its integrations work well, so you can focus on what you should test instead of worrying what you can test


Search Discovery’s developers will perform an intake process to fully understand your individual test requirements. Following your internal processes and in partnership with your internal application development and delivery teams, we will deliver the test built to your specific experimental design.


Our approach to Vendor Evaluations starts with understanding your unique requirements and an understanding of your existing technology landscape.

  • Business Requirements: We interview you and your key stakeholders and partners including IT to ensure we have a full understanding of your technology landscape and needs.
  • Criticality Assessment: Not all requirements are equal, and just like we take time to prioritize our experiments to ensure the most impactful tests get launched first, so to must we assess the list of requirements captured for import to your program from nice-to-have to critical need.
  • Capabilities Fitness Assessment: We pull together documentation and vendor interviews to assess each vendor against all of your requirements scoring them from 1 (not available) to 5 (built-in capability, best in class).


We then identify 3-6 vendors to consider and evaluate their capabilities against your specific requirements (our Capabilities Fitness Assessment), evaluating them on a 1-5 scale based on how well their capabilities match to your requirements. You receive a “fit score” for each vendor with detailed understanding of both high and low scores so you can make the best decision for your business.


We then help you pilot your selected technology and ensure the implementation and integration of your chosen vendor is architected and QAd appropriately. You’ll receive clear documentation and technology that’s ready to help you deliver on the promises inherent in optimization programs.


For those clients who already have a technology they like but are concerned it might not be performing as promised, we also provide Implementation Audits and Implementation Support to evaluate both the implementation and integration of your technology to identify any gaps between your setup and best practices that can unlock even more potential.


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