Organizations grow, evolve, and expand their data-related assets constantly. Typically, this happens across departments and lines of business, creating a high degree of variability. This creates a challenge for executives, directors, and managers, who often don’t know what data and resources they have, which processes are in place to manage them, and ultimately how effective they are. For these reasons, Search Discovery developed our Data Strategy Assessments and Audit  services.


An unbiased evaluation of the current state of your data and analytics ecosystem

Illustration of strengths and weaknesses across seven core aspects of a healthy ecosystem

Detailed analysis on the root cause of issues and opportunities

A benchmark of your organization in terms of maturity and readiness for using data effectively


Search Discovery’s Data Strategy Assessment Methodology employs a framework that is designed to assess an organization’s current capabilities, including both strengths and weaknesses, as well as the organization’s readiness for using data with purpose. The criteria within this assessment are organized into categories that are aligned to seven core aspects of the data and analytics ecosystem.


Overall Data Strategy


Tools & Integrations


Insights & Analysis


Operational Enablement


Data Visualization & Storytelling




Data Science
These Assessments are used to facilitate guided discussions during Discovery Workshops and Interviews, with the goal of capturing an accurate portrayal of each client’s current state. This information allows us to plot each client along a maturity path that includes Basic, Emerging, Strong, and Exemplary stages. Assessments are scored numerically using a rubric that helps clients envision their ideal state.
Data Strategy Assessment and Audit Services


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If you’re seeking an objective evaluation of your data and analytics ecosystem or wondering how to attain an ideal state, then reach out to us.

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