Analytics Adoption

Introducing analytics program increases understanding of donor behavior, grows YoY donations, and helps punch cancer in the face.
American Cancer Society
Search Discovery has partnered with American Cancer Society in their fight against cancer. ACS had an optimization program that was beginning to stagnate and was looking to identify the causes of the stagnation. The assumption was that the technology they were using had been tapped out in potential so SDI was engaged to help evaluate the entire program including supporting a vendor evaluation.

Search Discovery conducted a Current State Assessment of the optimization program to validate need for new technology and identify potential other areas of opportunity for program improvement.

Based on the results of the Current State Assessment, opportunities for new technology and process improvements were identified and implemented.

We helped evaluate 5 optimization vendors and assisted with the proof of concept and eventual implementation of the top vendor.

On the process front, we created customized intake, prioritization, and QA processes and developed templates to utilize for each.

The new technology enabled greater experimentation potential and capabilities leading to an up-leveling of the entire program.

The new technology and processes created by Search Discovery helped American Cancer Society increase test volume and impact resulting in:


growth in YoY donations
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