Developing an extensible data model for Datorama delivers streamlined, maintenance-free reporting with relevant, specialized views.
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Barkley is an advertising agency that was seeking a way to deliver streamlined, maintenance-free ad/media reporting to their clients.

They chose Datorama as the platform to deliver these reports and selected AMC Theaters as their pilot. One of the goals of this initiative is to expand the pilot to multiple clients, allowing them to deliver faster and more accurate reporting results to all their clients.

Scale was an important consideration for this implementation, so Search Discovery developed an extensible data model that could work with all of AMC Theaters’ marketing data.

SDI connected DCM, Facebook Ads, Search Ads 360, and Google Analytics and aggregated the data to the campaign-level.

In addition, SDI parsed out values from all data sources and connected to the classification sheet to allow Barkley to segment the data by tactic, site, device, and targeting type.

Barkley is now able to view ALL their data from multiple sources in a unified and organized dataset, and can easily segment according to channel, campaign or KPI type.

By developing both an ‘Executive’ and ‘Analyst’ view the same underlying data is used while delivering different visuals and slices of the data to support marketing optimization decisions.
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