Integrating accounts and providing opportunities to scale with BI tooling and implementation engagement.
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Hyatt was using cumbersome, time-devouring manual internal reports that lacked transparency across marketing and operations.

They needed real-time marketing performance monitoring, as well as to bring analytics, marketing, and operations data into Datorama software. Finally, in order to achieve their main goal of reduced reporting time for the Hyatt team, they needed custom data views for different use cases within the organization.
Search Discovery integrated data sources then created direct integrations for client data sources and Datorama.

We harmonized data by linking different data sources across platforms through common aspects across data fields.

We then built custom dashboards, including relevant reporting solutions to replace existing reporting.
Since Hyatt’s main accounts are now integrated, Hyatt can easily scale this implementation to their remaining 800+ global hotels.


hours a week in reporting time save


saved annually
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