Creating dashboards empowers bank to view accounts across branches and take more effective action.
CambridgeTrust DashboardsVisualizeAccountChangesAcrossTime
Cambridge Trust is a bank looking to analyze their accounts in comparison to historical balance. Their CFO wanted to know how the banks account balances change from day to day, month to month, quarter to quarter, and so on.

We designed a six-bucket waterfall chart to show accounts, but the logic for this not well defined by the business, which led to many iterations to solidify the logic.

We built a single dashboard that provided the ability to see how accounts are changing from day to day and across any two points in time.

We used a waterfall chart to show accounts Starting Balance → New → Re-Opened → Changes in Existing → Closed Accounts → Current Balance. This gave an easy visual representation across any two points in time and they could click on any bucket to see the rest of the dashboard filtered to that bucket and see the exact records in the bucket.

The CFO released the dashboard to every branch in the bank, enabling each branch to drill into their accounts and see how their branch is performing.

Branches can visualize data at a high level and drill-in to the specific accounts to take actions and follow up with customers more effectively.

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