Comprehensive Strategy Engagement

Top British multinational pharmaceutical company builds a center of excellence through comprehensive strategy engagement.
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A leading global pharmaceutical company needed to accelerate time from data collection > insights > action.

However, they lacked important strategic engagement plans, including an analytics & experimentation roadmap, clear insights for a “delivery experience” blueprint, consistent and accurate measurement reporting, scenario planning & opportunity assessment models, automated dashboards, alerts, and scorecards into data visualizations.

Our client also wanted to build capacity for performance measurement and optimization.
Search Discovery conducted discovery process, including kick-off, document request & interviews.

We delivered strategic assessment, including benchmark readiness against our maturity model, and we did a reporting deep-dive into analysis and improvement of existing reports.

Next, we developed roadmap and dashboard experience blueprints, and we delivered documentation, including playbooks and frameworks as operating models.
Search Discovery identified data sources, defined KPIs, and within just 90 days, we implemented and released the first production dashboards across brands in NA.

We  have developed and implemented the dashboards necessary to
build a center of excellence.

We’ve only just released these first dashboards. Impact measurements are in the works and ongoing. 
Further, with focused, ongoing projects, we’re helping them establish an experimentation culture and an optimization capability. This is important because causal relationships have historically been  difficult to predict in this industry.
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