Identifying gaps and empowering push into Einstein Analytics with Mulesoft helps visualize usage + opportunity
CoxAutomotive DataIntegrationAcrossManySalesforceOrganizations
Cox Automotive had siloed 17 different Salesforce orgs and wanted the ability to review four important metrics across all of these environments and augment this data with HR Data.

We contacted Salesforce to increase # of objects from their limit at 100 to 200 so we could support 11 objects across 17 orgs.

Login history for one environment had over 20 million rows, causing the standard multi-org connector to fail.

Some users did not have a Federated ID.

Search Discovery fixed gaps in Federated IDs by identifying and resolving them with appropriate administrators.

We used Mulesoft to push daily login data into Einstein Analytics. We used the Einstein Analytics multi-org data connector to pull in all License, User, Login History, and Opportunity data from 17 orgs and then used the dataflow to merge all of this data and take daily snapshots.

We built 3 dashboards to show the requested metrics by ‘Home Org’ and ‘Alternate Org’ based on where the user logged in the most on a daily basis.

Cox Automotive was able to identify unassigned licenses across their entire business, see what org. those licenses are not being used in, and trend that usage over time.

They are also able to find users that have a license assigned, but aren’t logging in as well as users with licenses on multiple orgs. and what the usage is.

Lastly, for the sales users logging in, they are able to determine opportunity adoption across multiple orgs.
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