Understanding the needs of multi-generational principals to deliver increased Domo capabilities and grow the organization.
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Walton Enterprises LLC serves the personal and business needs of the Wal-Mart’s founding family. The company was attracted to Domo because of its flexibility and capability to smoothly and clearly pull all necessary data together for the organization’s multi-generational principals,. They relied on Search Discovery to ensure they were using Domo to its full capacity.

We conducted a discovery, looked at their use cases, and identified ways they could further take advantage of the Domo platform.

We created a proof of concept they were impressed with, so they bought the Embedded Story license to increase their Domo agreement.

The company has made a big investment in a tool that is now optimized for their specific needs, they’re expanding and adding new data sources to be formatted and presented in exactly the way their principles want to see it, and they’re growing their people and their business.

30 dashboards completed or in production with a backlog of work that Domo is the solution for.

Significant progress on getting information out across all kinds of data.

They’ve added new people to the team, so they’re investing in the skills and resources that understand Domo.

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