For a top multinational CPG and healthcare company, transitioning to a more appropriate platform provides scalability, standardization, and significant annual savings.
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A top Fortune 50 multinational CPG and healthcare company expanded its media partnership with Google and GA360 and is well integrated in the Google Marketing Cloud. Using Adobe data with Google stack posed capability and financial challenges. As a result, our client wanted to sunset Adobe Analytics and transition fully to Google Analytics 360 as the go-forward analytics platform.

In order to develop an enterprise level solution that is able to scale across 550+ websites, Search Discovery recommended GTM’s Zones as a primary component of success. Zones allow us to map and load in other GTM containers onto a website, based on various conditions.

This means we are able to manage a standardized global analytics implementation and site-specific tracking needs, while maintaining a performant implementation and increasing ease of use for making updates.

Search Discovery enabling Analytics 360 on 550+ site in less than 8 months.

We’re building a product data feed to provide additional product metadata to the GMP ecosystem.

The transition will save $375K in annual software costs.

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