Unifying dataflow powers a host of beneficial dashboards and enables self-service.
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A high tech company uses multiple third party data housing systems with main source of CRM data in Salesforce. Some analytics teams are enabled for a self-service process through a review program we configured. Several teams require IT to lead the strategy, architecture, and development process for Einstein Analytics.

The company faced challenges with Renewals VP + persona, Sales persona, Sales AM/ Specialist Persona, and self service.

Search Discovery delivered dashboards for:

Renewals to provide executives a view of Total Annual ATR (Available to Renew), Products Annual ATR and Services Annual

20+ KPIs such as Funnel Growth, Funnel Creation, Stage Regression, Missed Funnel etc

Highlighting Difference of opinion AMs and Specialists may have on EBD, Amount, Products
Showcasing acquisitions Opportunities

We created unified dataflows that not only power a host of dashboards across the organization but also enable self service

Renewals VP+ Persona: C Level Executives leverage Renewals Dashboard for weekly planning on renewals opportunities.

Sales Persona: Entire Sales Organization leverages dashboards weekly to monitor/plan their funnel activities.

Sales AM/Specialist Persona: Account Managers and Tech. Specialists are able to view difference of opinion on opportunities.

Acquisitions VP+ Persona: Acquisitions Leaders leverage dashboard to explore cross-sell opportunities.

Self-Service: We’ve ensured data democratization and performance across each business unit.

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