Driving insights and adoption of data across the organization by combining disparate data sources and granular data visualization through dashboards.
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Poly is a global electronics and communication company that recently transformed into a ‘new’ brand. Poly had a lot of data sources and was unable to see a comprehensive view of the health of the organization and its subsidiaries. Without this, Poly found it difficult to use data to drive decision-making and optimization of their activities.

In addition, a few dashboards that were created from a subset of data sources were manual and required a lot of effort to create.

Search Discovery identified what business goals and insights the dashboards should address and focus upon.

With that, we configured, built, and validated the data connections between Power BI and the data sources such as Qualtrics, Sprinklr, Adobe Analytics, etc.

We built out visualizations based on the focal insights and the audiences consuming the dashboards to ensure relevancy and adoption. 

Search Discovery delivered the ability to connect and include additional data sources to understand end-to-end channel impacts and views across multiple environments. This created efficiencies and improved accuracy of the data, and it also drove real time availability of data to act upon.

We reduced manual reporting from 500-600 hours per year to 40 hours.

We began a cultural transformation, with the adoption of data for decision-making across all levels of the organization.

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