Optimization Tool Selection

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An American multinational hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts was using a testing tool that hadn’t kept up with changing business needs and technical requirements. They called on Search Discovery to help find a new tool to support their company and enable future capability growth and self service.

Search Discovery developed an enhanced set of minimum viable metrics (MVMs) to assess directional performance of the experiences.

We defined the requirements and coordinated updates to the enterprise data insights platform to make the MVMs available to the regional business owners.

We created and rolled out the operational plan globally that provides guidance for business owners for how to define and track performance of these experiences from initiation to sunset.

The top tool selected provided improvements in support, flexibility, and capabilities, helping the organization move more quickly, meet existing technical requirements that their previous tool could not, and prepare the organization for future goals.

As a result, they are now able to run experiments server-side and on their mobile app, which had been deemed nearly impossible with the previous tool.

Additionally, the client is moving towards enabling machine learning for some areas of their site, and are also planning a limited roll-out of self service capabilities.

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