Roadmapping a Plan for the Future

Accomplishing the organizational mission with an executable data strategy for operational alignment.
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A prominent non-profit provider of educational television programming to over 350+ member stations across the United States possessed a clear mission and vision, but they lacked a coordinated strategic plan and a process-driven approach to deliver data, insights, and recommendations to its internal stakeholders, producers, and member stations. 

PBS needed to understand how they reach audiences and better understand audience needs.

They also wanted to optimize their platform to specifically better serve teachers and students.

Search Discovery collaborated with stakeholders  across the organization to fully understand the current data & analytics ecosystem, including resources, processes, and technologies in use. 

We developed a series of executable strategies designed to take on their most pressing issues & provided a roadmap for improvements.

We supported the organization’s internal teams to clean up their data, automate reporting, establish process, and generate useful information that previously lagged by months to receive.

The result of our approach led to a strategic plan for accomplishing PBS’s desired outcomes. And their plan was designed collaboratively, in a manner that was completely aligned with their corporate visions, objectives, and goals.

Upon completion of the first phase of work, the company had a clear operating model (and support) to build capabilities that would sustain them for the future.

Automation of ingesting the weekly Nielsen data, reducing manual work by 80%, and improving overall trust in the data.

Setting a roadmap to improve company wide data literacy and expand station access to data.

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