Nothing lost and 1000% search traffic gained with site updates and technical improvements.
Loews Hotels Logo Revised
Loews Hotels is a luxury hotel brand in the US and Canada that needed to understand factors limiting their translated sites from obtaining expected search traffic.

Of course, they wanted to increase organic search traffic to the translated sites (by at least 200%).

They also wanted to increase bookings from Google search results to the translated sites, get Google Search Console to approve the HEREFLANG tag implementation, and ensure the translated sites were included in Google’s search index.

Search Discovery conducted an audit of the translated sites and developed insights., from which we built stories for the development teams to implement.

We tested the updates to the sites based on the stories, measured the results of the updates, and communicated the insights from our actions.

Daily increase of Google search traffic to the translated sites is over 1000%, attributed to the implementation.

Understanding by marketing team that additional technical improvements will lead to increases in traffic and bookings from organic search.

Less reliance on paid campaigns to bring search traffic, saving Loews money.
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