Setting Performance Targets

From no performance targets to automated reports with rapid KPI development.
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An online tax preparation company engaged Search Discovery for analyst support throughout the U.S. tax season. Due to the compressed nature of their business, it was important that the organization was aligned on how key aspects of their digital experiences were performing, and that that information was available on a daily basis.

Search Discovery worked with them to map out the key acquisition channels and key user flows. Then we established KPIs for key points in the process. 

The organization was resistant to setting targets for those KPIs and were concerned about their ability to do so (the user experience had been heavily modified since the previous season, so they felt their internal benchmarks were not reliable). We coached them on the importance of doing so and gained their agreement. 

But, they were still not comfortable actually establishing targets.

By exploring historical data and mapping out some high-level scenarios for the key user paths, we “picked a number” for each KPI’s target and then presented our recommendations.

This sparked discussion and collaboration that led to adjustments to some of those targets, as well as flagging which targets we were collectively most uncertain about.

We then built automated reports that reflected these targets and resulted in focused daily operational meetings throughout the season.

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