Building a customized enviornment allowing real time access to crutial sales data.
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An automotive parts manufacturer utilized a series of forecasting spreadsheets to manage over 6,000 parts and support forecasted pricing, volume, demand, and production schedules for up to 5 years into the future.

Only one team member was able to access and edit the spreadsheets at a time, and new spreadsheets and product offerings were continually being added. The process to maintain these spreadsheets became unwieldy.

Aisin needed a solution to help manage the data and deliver a better user experience.

Search Discovery developed a custom Domo application that extended the functionality of the platform.

This extension would allow Aisin to take advantage of all the data management features within Domo, but also have a customized interface for managing the specific sales forecasting needs of their sales team.

Domo and Search Discovery enabled Aisin to more efficiently manage their business data, which saw benefit from both operational efficiency and financial impact.

Aisin saved money in price negotiations improvement through enhanced revision tracking, and reduce hours spent resolving pricing mistakes in Excel spreadsheets.


price negotiations improvement


hours saved
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