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Introducing analytics program increases understanding of donor behavior, grows YoY donations, and helps punch cancer in the face.
American Cancer Society
Search Discovery has partnered with American Cancer Society in their fight against cancer. ACS needed help standardizing their organization on the metrics and tools that would drive increased visitor understanding and, ultimately, participation and donations.
Search Discovery established a common reporting framework and standard data approach.

We then developed an education program to train ACS on the reports and how to interpret them.

We used Tableau to establish common dashboards with easy to understand visualizations.

And we developed a custom scoring model to help identify visitor intent and understand behaviors that lead to donations.

Search Discovery enabled ACS’s understanding of the metrics that lead to success.

We established a testing program to test and learn from hypotheses developed from the data and built the data literacy and capabilities of the teams to be able to use their data with purpose.


growth in YoY donations

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