Automation to reduce time spent on building reports and reallocated to insights and growth.
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The Cairn Company is an omni-channel account and brand management company. One of their services is helping sellers manage inventory, sales, and reporting of their Amazon accounts.

Pulling reports from Amazon is manual, slow, and requires significant manipulation. This meant hours – if not days – of account managers’ time creating and sharing Excel reports. The most significant cost of this effort is that it prevented the company from spending their time on their other services – forecasting, planning, and strategy.

Search Discovery deployed their Amazon Vendor Central plugin, which downloaded a record of inventories and sales on a daily basis into Domo. Once the data was captured, it was transformed to trend the data over time, and produce key insights automatically. Historical data was joined to add a layer of context to the data.

Created initial dashboards to automate first-level insights for Cairn’s clients.

Reduced time to build reports from 1.5 days to minutes.

Able to reallocate time to supporting insights and growing accounts.

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