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Search Discovery is a certified Domo Appstore Publishing Partner with 10+ apps available in the Appstore today.

These apps solve a variety of business challenges and help extend the functionality of the Domo platform. You’re likely unable to find our skillset anywhere else. We help clients:

  • Manage new types of data
  • Get access to data that isn’t available on Amazon or elsewhere
  • Visualize data in new ways that they’re not able to in Domo
  • Enhance the way they can use Domo at their organization

Along with Custom Application Development, we offer the following Domo solutions:

Amazon Vendor Performance
The Amazon Vendor Central Performance App alleviates many of the reporting headaches for vendors. The AVC app automatically pulls in 7 key reports from Vendor Central, combines them in meaningful ways, and visualizes the data in a simple, effective interface. Vendors are no longer required to login daily to AVC just to extract their data into spreadsheets. Instead, the data is all at their fingertips within Domo.


Rapid Response FAQ
A dynamic FAQ application that streamlines team communication with built-in SMS alerts and analyzes data to spot trends.


Automated Dataset Permissions
Create PDP policies on a single dataset and then have those PDP policies automatically applied to many other datasets within Domo. The app allows you to manage which datasets contain the “parent” policies and which datasets should have those policies applied to them.

Best Time to Post
This app explains exactly when you should communicate with your audience on social media.
Go Live Dashboard
View your most critical website launch metrics and how they compare to prelaunch data.
Dialpad QuickStart App
Get a comprehensive picture of how your company is using Dialpad.
Marketing Performance App
This app enables conversations and promotes collaboration in executive reports.
Metric Comparison App
This app by Search Discovery gives you the ability to compare visualizations and export the results.
Broker Insights App
Use data insights to manage a portfolio of multiple brokers and accounts.
Sales Planner App
This app allows users to manually adjust cost and other attributes directly to the product detail.


Engage with us to learn more about how Domo solutions and Domo custom apps can make your day.
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