Utilize Search Discovery’s Tools to drive efficiency and leverage data in new ways

Search Discovery has a history of innovation and a team who loves to pioneer and solve hard problems that have never been solved before. This yields a plethora of tools that can be used by organizations to drive efficiency, make life easier, and do things that are not possible any other way.

Search Discovery Tools & Applications

DTM to Launch Assessment App

If you are an Adobe Experience Cloud customer currently using Adobe DTM, now is the time to plan for your migration to Launch by Adobe.

Some functionality in Adobe DTM is not forward compatible to Launch by Adobe. This free tool will assist you in evaluating your current state of readiness. We’ll help you identify specific items you will need to address in the migration process.

DTM/Launch Switch

A Chrome extension that enables users to toggle between DTM/Launch libraries for testing as well as be able to debug which rules fired.

Launch Extensions

Search Discovery is a premier partner for Launch, by Adobe. We have completed over 500 implementations with Launch and built numerous Launch Extensions to enhance the capabilities of the Launch platform. Search Discovery creates custom Adobe Launch Extensions to enable customers and vendors to implement best-in-class tracking.


Apollo is a revolutionary new technology that automates the setup, configuration, and deployment of Adobe Analytics, Target, and Experience Cloud ID Service. This technology enables faster, better-quality, and fixed price implementations.

Storage Spanner

Storage Spanner is a solution that allows information to be passed client-side across domains. Common use cases include creating a common customer profile across domains, and cross-domain marketing optimization.


Astrologer leverages machine learning to create user segments in real-time as a user navigates a website, and makes those segments available to marketers for personalizing site content, generating remarketing lists, or conducting analysis.

Domo Automated Permissions

Automated Permissions allows users to create PDP policies on a single dataset, and then have those PDP policies automatically applied to many other datasets within Domo.

Domo Amazon Vendor Central App

The Amazon Vendor Central Performance App alleviates many of the reporting headaches for vendors. The AVC app automatically pulls in 7 key reports from Vendor Central, combines them in meaningful ways, and visualizes the data in a simple, effective interface. Vendors are no longer required to login daily to AVC just to extract their data into spreadsheets. Instead, the data is all at their fingertips within Domo.

Magento AEP Extension

The Magento AEP Extension gives customers a “quick start” Adobe Marketing Cloud experience. Features include, a basic eCommerce data layer in Magento, auto provisioning of Adobe Analytics, Target, ECID, any needed Launch Extensions, and a dev, staging, and production environment with an Akamai adaptor done by leveraging the Launch API

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