2023 Outlook

2023 Data Transformation Outlook

Get a comprehensive 2023 outlook from some of the most respected thinkers in analytics, privacy, data science, data engineering, digital marketing, & experimentation.

A wall of file drawers marked “personal data” symbolize the confusion some brands face when trying to decide what consent means when it comes to sensitive data and whether they need a consent banner or other disclosure requirements.

Do I Need a Consent Banner?

If you need a consent banner depends on many factors, including whether you collect sensitive data and your disclosure requirements. Here’s what to consider first.

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State Privacy Enforcement Heats Up, Google Responds

State privacy laws prompted a Google notice re. restricted data processing and service-provider & processor terms. Understand the changes & get expert data privacy recommendations.


Google Search On 2022 Announcements and New Features

Get a recap of Google’s Search On event for 2022. Google’s big event announced many new search features and a roadmap for improvements to the world’s most popular search engine.

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