Launch to new heights.

What is Launch, by Adobe?

Launch, by Adobe is the next gener­a­tion, enter­prise-ready tag manage­ment system that helps unify your market­ing ecosys­tem. Built upon the success of Adobe Dynamic Tag Manage­ment and feed­back from the thou­sands of compa­nies using it, Launch reimag­ines tag management, creating an open, extensi­ble plat­form that enables produc­tiv­ity and collab­o­ra­tion between a broad host of actors (Marketers, Analysts, Tech­nol­ogy Vendors, Systems Inte­gra­tors, Process Automa­tion Special­ist, and more).

5 Reasons To Migrate To Launch, by Adobe

If you are an Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud customer currently using DTM, now is the time to plan for your migra­tion to Launch, by Adobe.

#1 — Launch has powerful new features

Power­ful new features and capa­bil­i­ties in Launch include faster page load time, easier imple­men­ta­tion of tech­nolo­gies through exten­sions, greater control of tags, enter­prise-grade publish­ing work­flow enabling concur­rent devel­op­ment efforts, dedi­cated pre-rollout staging envi­ron­ment for quality assur­ance, and work­flow automa­tion for key repet­i­tive tasks. Learn more about these features and others here.

#2 — Launch can improve your customers experience

Launch is built for speed. Its opti­mized build process produces libraries less than half the size of DTM’s already small foot­print, and its updated tag inser­tion methods further speed deliv­ery.  Launch supports an asyn­chro­nous library load that will not block other elements of the page from loading while the library loads, dramat­i­cally speed­ing pages to your customer.

#3 — Launch is easier to use for non-technical team members

Much of the work that once required exper­tise with JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other web tech­nolo­gies has been elevated, so less tech­ni­cal users can be imme­di­ately produc­tive. This trend will continue as the exten­sion catalog grows.

#4 — Launch is extensible

Built in an “API first” manner on open source compo­nents, Launch can be extended to meet your company’s needs.  Whether you need to central­ize the core tagging for a thou­sand sites or auto­mate analyt­ics imple­men­ta­tions for your SAAS offer­ing, Launch can do it.

#5 — Launch is the platform of the future

Although DTM will still be supported for some time, it won’t be the focus of new devel­op­ment. All Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud feature updates and inte­gra­tions will be built for Launch. As the commu­nity of Launch Exten­sion devel­op­ers grows, so will the func­tional advance­ments to the plat­form, and so will your advan­tages.

Solutions for Launch, by Adobe

Search Discovery is the leader in provid­ing indus­try-leading exper­tise and solu­tions using Adobe DTM and now Launch, by Adobe. We built and sold “Satel­lite” to Adobe, which then became Adobe DTM. We have been provid­ing solu­tions for every market from small busi­nesses to Fortune 100 global brands.  Now, we are excited to lead clients into the future using Launch, by Adobe. Our team has already imple­mented this new plat­form on 80+ websites.  We offer the follow­ing solu­tions and services:


From tech­ni­cal assess­ments to full service migra­tions and ground-up imple­men­ta­tions, Search Discovery offers a range of solu­tions and services tailored to your needs.


If you need a custom exten­sion built to support your brand or tech­nol­ogy, but you don’t know where to start, we’d be happy to help.


Take full advan­tage of the Launch API.  If you feel that your tag manage­ment solu­tion is failing to scale to your organization’s needs due to repet­i­tive manual processes, it’s time to consider process automa­tion.

Search Discovery Tools 

We are devel­op­ing a collec­tion of tools to assist users of Launch, by Adobe and Adobe DTM.

The useful and popular DTM Switch has been greatly enhanced to support both Launch, by Adobe and Adobe DTM.  Easily change envi­ron­ments as you build and test your solu­tions.  Get the Launch and DTM Switch Chrome exten­sion.

The SDI Toolkit is an exten­sion for Launch, by Adobe provid­ing pack­aged solu­tions to some of the most common imple­men­ta­tion needs. 

We can help you launch.