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What has your Data Layer done for you lately?

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Welcome to Data Layer Manager:

an Adobe Launch Extension

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to move to Launch is the ability to improve page load time by taking advan­tage of the asyn­chro­nous library load and its ability to more intu­itively handle Single Page Appli­ca­tions, which are becom­ing more and more common. Times are chang­ing and evolv­ing and that means that our Data Layer should as well.

Data Layer History

A Data Layer is typi­cally a Javascript object that resides on your web page for the purpose of describ­ing the contents of the page so that consumers can know what the page is about. Tag Manager Rules and Data Elements are then created to send that infor­ma­tion to desti­na­tions such as Adobe Analyt­ics. This is a more stable imple­men­ta­tion than picking up values such as “price” on the page by DOM-scrap­ing with CSS selec­tors that can break when you make styling updates to the page. The Data Layer of old is a static object on the page.

Event-Driven Data Layer

The Data Layer of new is an event-driven data layer, where data is pushed onto an array as actions on the site occur.

The Benefits of an Event-Driven Data Layer

The first benefit of this approach is that it will work with the asyn­chro­nous nature of Launch, because the events can be trig­gered at any time and handled by Launch. Deploy­ing Launch asyn­chro­nously will lead to better page perfor­mance and faster page load times.

How appli­ca­tion events, data layer events, the Data Layer Manager and Launch work together.

The second benefit of this approach occurs when working with Single Page Appli­ca­tions. You might have a scenario where the page loads and sections of the page are being pulled in dynam­i­cally, which means there might be a bit of a delay to when certain content appears. Because Data Layer events can be trig­gered at any time and handled by Launch, there is no issue with data loading later.

Data Layer Manager Launch Extension

To help with process­ing an event-driven Data Layer, Search Discovery has created an Exten­sion for Launch, by Adobe called Data Layer Manager. You can install the exten­sion from Launch or via Adobe Exchange. This exten­sion dispatches custom events when payloads are pushed, manages payloads pushed prior to Launch Library Load, and provides a comput­ed­State object as an aggre­gated view of all payloads, akin to the old object style Data Layer.

Closing Thoughts

The indus­try keeps moving forward. We have gone from hard-coded analyt­ics imple­men­ta­tions to tag managers using DOM-scrap­ing to tag managers using static data layers and now to tag managers using event-driven data layers. Install the Data Layer Manager Exten­sion today and read up on more detailed exam­ples in our docu­men­ta­tion. Have ques­tions about this new method­ol­ogy? Reach out to us and we would be happy to help you.

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