Launch and DTM Switch

Launch and DTM Switch is a Chrome browser exten­sion for users of Adobe Dynamic Tag Manage­ment (DTM) and/or Launch, by Adobe. 

This handy exten­sion from the analyt­ics team at Search Discovery allows you to select envi­ron­ments for Launch and to toggle the debug and staging mode for Adobe Dynamic Tag Manage­ment.

Key Features:

Switch envi­ron­ments easily and quickly for Launch within a prop­erty.

Staging mode for DTM uses the staging library instead of the produc­tion library.

Debug mode tells Launch or DTM to add appli­ca­tion messag­ing to the console.

Using Launch and DTM Switch
Using Switch with Adobe DTM

For sites running DTM, you will see the Search Discovery rocket ship in an active state. Click­ing on it will show a drop­down similar to the one below. Note the green bar that says, “DTM DETECTED”.   In DTM mode, the switch offers the two tradi­tional options. Note that if the site is loading the staging version of the DTM header embed, there is no effect to setting the Staging switch to OFF.

Using Switch with Launch

For sites running Launch, you will see the Search Discovery rocket ship in an active state. Click­ing on it will show a drop­down similar to the ones below.  In Launch mode there are two possi­ble panel states, depend­ing on whether you’ve visited your property’s Envi­ron­ments tab within recently.

If you have visited your property’s Envi­ron­ments tab within recently, the exten­sion will show a green banner saying, “LAUNCH DETECTED,” and the Debug switch will be shown and will be active.  Below it will be an option menu allow­ing selec­tion from any of your various Launch Envi­ron­ments for this prop­erty.

If you haven’t visited your property’s Envi­ron­ments Page within recently, the exten­sion will show an orange banner saying, “LAUNCH DETECTED,” with instruc­tions on how to record your Launch Envi­ron­ments for this web prop­erty. Just follow the visit Launch link and browse to your Envi­ron­ments Tab to popu­late the Envi­ron­ments option menu.  

Below, is an example of what you might see after follow­ing the “visit Launch” link, and navi­gat­ing to your Envi­ron­ments tab. Note that each of your envi­ron­ments are listed in the panel and the banner shows as blue with the message, “ENVIRONMENTS FOUND.” We’ve shown the panel here to illus­trate what is happen­ing, but you should know that the icon need not be clicked in order for your envi­ron­ments to be recorded. The switch will auto­mat­i­cally record the envi­ron­ments each time you visit the Envi­ron­ments tab in the Launch UI for any of your prop­er­ties.

Please note that since the envi­ron­ment embed codes for non-produc­tion envi­ron­ments are not publicly avail­able, you will not be able to use the switch to load envi­ron­ments, other than the ones that you are autho­rized to access within the Launch UI.  


Does the switch support multi­ple prop­er­ties for Launch?
Yes. The switch main­tains multi­ple prop­erty records with a 1:n rela­tion­ship from prop­erty to envi­ron­ment.

Does the switch support multi­ple compa­nies for Launch?
Yes. The switch supports any number of prop­er­ties regard­less of which company they belong to.

Can the switch load an envi­ron­ment other than those for the website’s prop­erty?
No. The switch will only offer “sibling” envi­ron­ments to the envi­ron­ment refer­enced by the page at runtime.  If you have a need to load an envi­ron­ment other than siblings, consider using Charles Proxy to rewrite the Launch Embed on the page.

Can the switch be used on a site that uses a “self hosted” Launch library?
Yes. The switch will work for self hosted Launch libraries.

Will the switch work for DTM embeds point­ing to Launch envi­ron­ments?
Yes. As of version 2.0.5 of the exten­sion, you can switch between a DTM embed linked to Launch and other Launch envi­ron­ments of the same prop­erty.

Are there plans to create a Firefox, Safari, or Edge version of the switch?
Not presently.

Can Search Discovery create a custom version to work with my company’s self-hosted Launch environment(s)?
Maybe. Let’s talk. Please contact us at

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