Master Property Manager (MPM)

Exten­sion for Launch, by Adobe

Do you manage a lot of Properties under a single company using Adobe Launch? Master Property Manager is the Launch Extension you have been dreaming about.

Solu­tion Overview:

Master Prop­erty Manager allows you to central­ize the manage­ment of common resources (Exten­sions, Data Elements, and Rules) in a single ”Parent” Launch prop­erty and syndi­cate changes to multi­ple ”Child” prop­er­ties. The parent-child linkage is main­tained on every resource, allow­ing full synchro­niza­tion of changes over the life­time of each resource (not just a one-time copy). Master Prop­erty Manager is ideal for compa­nies who have many websites and wish to avoid the bloat of a single prop­erty approach while main­tain­ing consis­tency across all imple­men­ta­tions.

Solution Benefits

The bene­fits of Master Prop­erty Manager include:

  • Massive time savings – Currently users are likely copying rules and data elements out to each prop­erty. Each time a new change is needed, new copies are needed to be made. If a rule or another resource needs to be updated, the user needs to go into each prop­erty and make the change. We asked a pool of users and esti­mated that it will save active users of Launch at least 5 hours per week. For large orga­ni­za­tions, this may save an entire head­count. With Master Prop­erty Manager, a large part of the current work­flow is auto­mated.
  • Data integrity As users are copying out rules and hoping to do a good job main­tain­ing updates, there is room for human error. Master Prop­erty Manager will ensure the resources are consis­tently managed. 

How To Get Your Hands On It

Install the Master Prop­erty Manager through Adobe Launch, and reach out the team here at Search Discovery for pricing and an unlock key.

To learn more about how to use the SDI Toolkit check out this blog post and come back later for more detailed exam­ples.

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