Adobe Analytics Real-time Data Validation And Rule Keeper (AARDVARK)

Exten­sion for Launch, by Adobe

Companies need good data integrity in order to be successful. Adobe Analytics Real-time Data Validation And Rule Keeper (AARDVARK) detects and captures configuration and usage errors for Adobe Analytics.

Solu­tion Overview:

Do you want to iden­tify when the data you are about to send to Adobe Analyt­ics is too long or malformed? Adobe Analyt­ics Real-time Data Vali­da­tion And Rule Keeper (AARDVARK) detects and captures config­u­ra­tion and usage errors for Adobe Analyt­ics.

The follow­ing vali­da­tions are currently avail­able to be detected:

Range Vali­da­tions

  • Props must be between 1 and 75
  • eVars must be between 1 and 100 (can set the upper bound)
  • List vars much be between 1 and 3
  • Hier­ar­chy vars must be between 1 and 5
  • Vali­date vari­able upper/lower casing
  • Vali­date byte limits
  • Vali­date pageType
  • Vali­date page­Name and pageType
  • Vali­date no leading spaces may exist in vari­able values

Currency Code Vali­da­tions

  • Vali­date curren­cy­Code format
  • Vali­date curren­cy­Code for currency events
  • Vali­da­tions
  • Vali­date no spaces
  • Vali­date no repeat­ing commas
  • Vali­date only numeric values are set
  • Vali­date seri­al­iza­tion keys
  • Vali­date seri­al­iza­tion key char­ac­ter limit
  • Vali­date purcha­seID for purchase event

s.products Vali­da­tions

  • Vali­date product syntax merchan­dis­ing eVars

Solution Benefit

The benefit of AArd­vark is better data integrity. Under­stand what errors are occur­ring and where for Adobe Analyt­ics. This under­stand­ing will help you resolve issues quickly.

How To Get Your Hands On It

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