SDI Toolkit

Exten­sion for Launch, by Adobe
The SDI Toolkit is an exten­sion within Launch, by Adobe that enables users to save time and effort imple­ment­ing what previ­ously were complex custom coded scenar­ios in Adobe DTM.  This toolkit brings together years of expe­ri­ence and exper­tise from a team of analyt­ics devel­op­ers who have been imple­ment­ing solu­tions within Adobe DTM for years to  the new exten­si­bil­ity and power of Launch.

Key Features:

The SDI Toolkit provides multi­ple features and capa­bil­i­ties designed to make your work devel­op­ing websites and customer expe­ri­ences easier while taking advan­tage of new capa­bil­i­ties in the Launch, by Adobe plat­form.

  • Data Element Trans­la­tor — Useful for creat­ing dynamic 3rd party pixels
  • Launch Build Info — Useful in analy­sis of bugs in the imple­men­ta­tion
  • Malformed URL Detec­tion — For detect­ing and report­ing on malformed URLs that may lead to incor­rect campaign track­ing
  • Swipe Gestures — For track­ing swipe gestures on mobile devices
  • Cookie Setter & Remover — For setting data to a cookie to be read later
  • Web Storage Setter & Remover — For setting data to web storage to be read later

How To Get The SDI Toolkit

You’ll find the SDI Toolkit in the Exten­sion Catalog of Launch, by Adobe.  Just enter “SDI Toolkit” in the search box and look for the Search Discovery rock­et­ship.

Using the SDI Toolkit

More Details

Data Elements

The SDI Toolkit extends Launch, by Adobe by provid­ing four brand new Data Element types.  These include the: Data Element Trans­la­tor, Launch Build Info, Malformed URL Error, and One Way Hash.

Data Element Trans­la­tor

The Data Element Trans­la­tor is the first of these new types.  This one allows you to pipe the value of one data element (like a country code) through a table lookup to produce the appro­pri­ate matched value.  

Launch Build Info

The Launch Build Info data element type extends Launch, by Adobe by expos­ing four vari­ables for use in data collec­tion and condi­tional logic in rules. Launch Build Info : envi­ron­ment allows you to know which envi­ron­ment you are in (dev, stage, prod) and take action accord­ingly.

Malformed URL Error

The Malformed URL Error data element type will help close the loop on bad campaign track­ing due to poorly constructed query strings. This new data element type detects eight common errors in URLs and query strings and provides four differ­ent options for feed­back.  As a bonus conve­nience, the SDI Toolkit provides a new Condi­tion type which will return true if any malfor­ma­tions are detected.

One Way Hash

The new One Way Hash data element type allows you to protect your customer’s infor­ma­tion.  Just feed it with your customer id, and it gives back a 64 char­ac­ter SHA256 hash.  This is just what you need to securely feed customer IDs into the Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud ID service to enable cross device stitch­ing.

Swipe Events

The new Swipe Gesture event type allows you to write rules trig­gered by any (or all) of the four Swipe gestures on mobile.


Launch, by Adobe has pretty much covered all the bases when it comes to refer­enc­ing persisted values.  Adobe DTM had cookie based data elements. Launch now has session­Stor­age and local­Stor­age based data elements.  With the SDI Toolkit, four new Action types allow you to use the UI and fully config­ure the setting and removal of cookies, session­Stor­age, and local­Stor­age values. We’ve put all the controls right at your finger­tips.

To learn more about how to use the SDI Toolkit check out this blog post and come back later for more detailed exam­ples.

More Questions or Feedback

We hope that you find the SDI Toolkit exten­sion to be very useful. If you have ques­tions or feed­back, please contact us at

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