Storage Spanner

Exten­sion for Launch, by Adobe

Do you manage a lot of websites and look to share data between domains? The Storage Spanner Launch Extension is a new technology that will enable companies to send data between domains via Launch. 

Solu­tion Overview:

For many orga­ni­za­tions, working with many domains is a fact of life. One major strug­gle is passing data between domains, because cookies and local storage methods do not support being read from multi­ple domains or subdo­mains. Storage Spanner creates the ability to send data across domains. Common use cases include:


Client-side Customer Profile

  • Enables cross-domain person­al­iza­tion.
  • Fuel 3rd party tags with a customer profile infor­ma­tion if authen­ti­ca­tion occurs on a differ­ent domain.
  • Enable survey suppres­sion cross-domain.


Campaign Data Across Domains

  • Allows for opti­miza­tion across domains.

Solution Benefits

The bene­fits of Storage Spanner include,

  • Greater Analyt­ics ROI – Lever­age an enriched customer profile further opti­mize retar­get­ting campaigns and create greater accu­racy in attri­bu­tion leading to a larger ROI of market­ing spend.
  • Better customer expe­ri­ence Customize customer expe­ri­ences across websites leading to higher conver­sion rates.
  • Greater GDPR Compli­ance Extend “do not track” across domains.

How To Get Your Hands On It

Reach out the team here at Search Discovery.

To learn more about how to use the SDI Toolkit check out this blog post and come back later for more detailed exam­ples.

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