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Data is for everyone.

Every­one in an orga­ni­za­tion can use data to drive busi­ness perfor­mance. Getting quality data to the people that need it can be chal­leng­ing.  Learn how we have helped people in every role across the enter­prise use data to drive improved busi­ness perfor­mance.


Marketers have always worked to utilize data at the fore­front of advance­ments in analytic and digital market­ing solu­tions. Today, marketers have access to more data than ever and continue to need the most salient, rele­vant data at their finger­tips, in order to make real-time deci­sions to opti­mize perfor­mance.

Search Discovery has expe­ri­ence provid­ing data-driven solu­tions for each stage of the market­ing cycle, includ­ing campaign design and perfor­mance opti­miza­tion, testing, eval­u­a­tion of market­ing impact on sales, conver­sion rate opti­miza­tion, consumer segmen­ta­tion analy­sis, and social media impact assess­ment.


Sales teams have embraced, to their advan­tage, the data that under­pins CRMs to manage inter­ac­tions from within and outside their orga­ni­za­tions, includ­ing their overall busi­ness perfor­mance. However, in order to opti­mize perfor­mance, teams also need to be able to inte­grate CRM report­ing with finan­cial and market­ing data on the go.

We have expe­ri­ence empow­er­ing sales teams with compre­hen­sive, inte­grated data-driven solu­tions for the follow­ing chal­lenge areas: sales funnel opti­miza­tion, sales plan­ning and fore­cast­ing, sales rep perfor­mance eval­u­a­tion, sales trend analy­sis, activ­ity report­ing, sales veloc­ity analy­sis, and general sales report­ing.


Finance has always been on the fore­front of using data to run the busi­ness. But account­ing and finan­cial processes usually gener­ate the most construc­tive data after the fact, creat­ing a time gap that dilutes the potency of the data to opti­mize the busi­ness. Finan­cial systems that utilize data inte­gra­tion enable deci­sion-makers to see compre­hen­sive infor­ma­tion on a daily and weekly basis, which changes how these teams inte­grate with other parts of the busi­ness.

We have expe­ri­ence provid­ing data-driven, inte­grated solu­tions for finance in the follow­ing chal­lenge areas: cash flow, expense manage­ment, travel, oper­a­tional finan­cial reports, multi-loca­tion reports for single, regional, and national sites.


Across indus­tries, oper­a­tions roles and their use of data vary widely, but some common data-based solu­tion needs exist, regard­less of indus­try. These needs demand a focus on process, build­ing effi­cien­cies, logis­tics, and quality manage­ment. Enabling inte­grated data utiliza­tion across disparate systems and a multi­tude of data types in real time is helping orga­ni­za­tions use data to build compet­i­tive advan­tage.

Search Discovery has expe­ri­ence provid­ing inte­grated, data-driven solu­tions for the follow­ing chal­lenge areas: project budgets vs. actuals, sched­ule manage­ment, over-time manage­ment, reac­tive vs. predic­tive main­te­nance, ship­ping and deliv­ery manage­ment, and produc­tion effi­ciency.

Human Resources

Human Resource teams have witnessed the ways in which data utiliza­tion has opti­mized the sales and market­ing teams they have hired, trained, and promoted, and now they’re embrac­ing similar strate­gies. Today’s HR leaders desire real-time access to data in order to engage with employ­ees in the same way effec­tive marketers use data to engage customers.

We have provided effec­tive data-based solu­tions for HR in the chal­lenge areas of reten­tion, churn, skills train­ing and gaps, recruit­ing pipeline, bene­fits analy­sis, and employee engage­ment.

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