Data Strategy: An Executable Approach

Most Strategies sit on a shelf and gather dust. Ours don’t. Introducing the Executable Data Strategy.

Search Discovery’s Executable Data Strategy solutions are built for action.

Under­stand Your Data

Under­stand­ing data requires knowing where your data comes from, how it is collected, and how it’s defined.

Archi­tect Your Data

Archi­tect­ing your data includes connec­tions and API’s, how you go about trans­form­ing data, and how data is stored for utiliza­tion and analy­sis.

Acti­vate Your Data

Acti­vat­ing your data is when you put the data strat­egy to work by iden­ti­fy­ing insights, automat­ing processes, and accel­er­at­ing busi­ness impact.

Plan for your Desired Outcomes

The start­ing point for any solid data strat­egy is begin­ning with the end in mind. We call this iden­ti­fy­ing your Desired Outcomes. It requires visu­al­iz­ing what you want to accom­plish and assess­ing whether or not you have the capa­bil­i­ties and resources to get there.

Search Discovery helps clients iden­tify Desired Outcomes by first under­stand­ing each organization’s mission and goals. Then we strate­gize what’s possi­ble. We do this through facil­i­tated Discovery Work­shops, onsite inter­views, process deep dives, and multi­ple other ways that enable us to help you find purpose in your data.

Break down your data silos

Most compa­nies have mission-crit­i­cal data locked away in disparate systems. This scenario provides a frag­mented view of both customers and corpo­rate oper­a­tions. Yet, break­ing down the data silos is often a scary and tech­ni­cally chal­leng­ing endeavor. Analysts usually fear that their data will be misun­der­stood and misrep­re­sented. While tech­nol­o­gists search for solu­tions that aggre­gate and feder­ate data.

Our approach enables compa­nies to work smarter with data so that combined datasets deliver greater insights than what’s possi­ble in isolated streams. We do this by iden­ti­fy­ing use cases and envi­sion­ing possi­bil­i­ties so that data can be analyzed for optimal usage and acti­vated for busi­ness impact.

Use data as a strategic asset

There’s an age-old ques­tion that asks…”How much data do you want, and how long do you want to keep it?” The rhetor­i­cal answer: “All of it, forever.

In today’s modern world where data accu­mu­lates every millisec­ond, we know that this answer is not tenable. So rather than collect­ing every byte of data possi­ble, we help compa­nies recog­nize what data to collect and how to yield busi­ness value from their data. Are you using your data to gain a compet­i­tive advan­tage?

Are you ready for an Executable Data Strategy?

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