A Conversation With Red Hat

With digital transformation on the rise, it’s crucial for companies to reevaluate their business processes to stay relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape. But with a host of new technology and software in the market, how can you implement the change and determine which is right for your business? Customer data platforms (CDPs) simplify business processes by providing insights into customer data. Transitioning to these platforms requires understanding data privacy laws, locations, and use cases. Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) compiles data into customer profiles to maximize the user experience. With AEP, your company can collect data insights efficiently and effectively while protecting consumer privacy. In this virtual event, co-host Tiffany Serbus-Gustaveson talks with Patty Behre and Chris Sessoms of Red Hat and Chirag Deshpande of Search Discovery about transitioning to Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). Together, they address Red Hat’s business goals for implementing AEP, their data collection strategies, and what they learned from transitioning to AEP.
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