Oct 1, 2021

Demystifying Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) – Tim Wilson & Julie Hoyer

Just like all squares are rectangles, but all rectangles are not squares, all A/B tests are RCTs, but not all RCTs are A/B tests! Join us for a titillating session* that dives into the topic as deep as is reasonable in 35-40 minutes (plus Q&A): what RCTs are (including a brief, possibly apocryphal, history lesson), when they’re appropriate to consider, why the “R” in RCT is downright magical when it comes to handling unobserved heterogeneity (aka, confounders), some examples of real-world RCTs, and a quick intro to some high-level design concepts (block randomization, stepped wedges, multi-factor, and multi-level considerations).
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