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Search Discovery can help you put your data to work.  We partner with orga­ni­za­tions who want to lever­age their data to achieve strate­gic goals.  Our team will help you use data to improve oper­a­tions,  inform deci­sion making, drive new revenue oppor­tu­ni­ties and tell your company’s story. 


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Visit us in Las Vegas, NV March 25–28, 2018 at Adobe Summit 2018.
Stop by our booth or one of our hosted sessions to learn about the new Adobe Launch, Advanced Analyt­ics with Adobe Data Feeds and how we can help your company get the more from Adobe analyt­ics and opti­miza­tion solu­tions.

Join us in Colum­bus, OH April 18, 2018 at Web Analyt­ics Wednes­day.
Join us and hear Rob Barto from Search Discovery. All are welcome to learn, grow & network along with the best of Arch city’s analyt­ics commu­nity.

Join us in Atlanta, GA April 26, 2018 at  Intro­duc­tion to Data Visu­al­iza­tion.
Learn from Search Discovery’s  Noah Omri Levin the science behind how the brain inter­prets visual marks and inputs to more quickly and effi­ciently compre­hend and under­stand data. Regis­ter here.


Takeaways from Adobe Summit 2018

Hope­fully, if you attended Adobe Summit 2018, you will have worked through the after-effects of the sensory over­load of Vegas combined with the sensory over­load of Summit by now, but who knows?

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