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Our services and solu­tions will you help trans­form your busi­ness through executable data strate­gies that achieve desired busi­ness outcomes. We assist clients at every stage of data trans­for­ma­tion includ­ing strat­egy, imple­men­ta­tion, opti­miza­tion, and orga­ni­za­tional change manage­ment.

Find out how we can help you achieve more effi­cient oper­a­tions, deeper insights, and improved deci­sion making across your entire orga­ni­za­tion.

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CXL Live 2019

4 June. The Fron­tier, Raleigh, NC 


Our Senior Direc­tor of Data Strat­egy, John Lovett, will be hosting a talk titled: The Executable Data Strat­egy. Atten­dees will leave with a better under­stand­ing of how compa­nies can break down data strat­egy into its compo­nent parts and enable an agile approach to assem­bling the neces­sary require­ments for using data with purpose.



CXL Live 2019

11 June — 13 June.  Live Webinar


Merrit Aho, Direc­tor of Opti­miza­tion will present webinar: The Last Tool Eval­u­a­tion Frame­work You’ll Ever Need. This session offers a frame­work for eval­u­at­ing vendors that will save you time and help you make better deci­sions. You’ll put the weight on the vendors’ shoul­ders and will have a clear and ratio­nale story behind your deci­sions. Built for opti­miza­tion tools, it can be applied to almost any tech­nol­ogy purchase.

13 June. New York, NY


Kelly Wortham, Direc­tor of Opti­miza­tion will host a round table discus­sion: Orga­ni­za­tional Models to Support a Growing Opti­miza­tion Program

18 June. Las Vegas, NV


Val Kroll, John Lovett, Tim Wilson, and Michael Helbling will all be speak­ing at the event: where digital analysts, market­ing tech­nol­o­gists and growth archi­tects master market­ing data to create an impact!

17–19 June. McCormick Place West, Chicago, IL


Please contact us if you would like to sched­ule a meeting with a member of our partner team, during the event. Reach out directly with them on LinkedIn: Jim Koenig, Wes Taft, and Brad Harbert.

25 June. General Assem­bly, Atlanta, GA


Lisa Altshul Senior Media Analyst, is teach­ing a work­shop that intro­duces the concept of data-driven market­ing and so aims to help those that are not currently utiliz­ing their data as well as they think they could.

Team Member Spotlight: Taylor Stout

Get to know Taylor Stout, one of Search Discovery’s Data Engi­neers. He’s a foodie, avid trav­eler, and an all-around awesome guy to work with!

How to Get the Most Out of Analytics Conferences

How do you get the most value out of analyt­ics confer­ences, and how do you convince your company that it is a worth­while cost for them to send you to develop your skills?

Check out Podcasts from Our Team

Join Micheal Helbling, Moe Kiss, and Tim Wilson every other Tuesday for their Digital Analyt­ics Power Hour podcast!

This podcast is a contri­bu­tion back to the analyt­ics commu­nity. Each episode is a closed topic and an open forum. The goal is for listen­ers to enjoy listen­ing to Michael, Moe, and Tim share their thoughts and expe­ri­ences and hope­fully take away some­thing to try at work the next day.

Join Noah Levin for his digital market­ing podcast about Digital Market­ing Life!

On this podcast you’ll hear a mix of Noah coach­ing team members, inter­view­ing people across our indus­try, speak­ing at events, think­ing out loud and more. Whether you’re an in-house marketer, on the agency-side, or looking to break into the indus­try, this was built for you. So join the band­wagon and bother the heck out of Noah on social @noahomrilevin to get your ques­tions answered.

Join Jacob Stoops for his Page 2 Podcast about SEO!

Hosted by Jacob Stoops, this is a podcast about what life as an SEO is really like featur­ing some of the industry’s best and bright­est minds. We share stories about our expe­ri­ences (good and bad), share knowl­edge, and much more.

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