From the creators of Adobe DTM, Search Discovery is excited to intro­duce Apollo, the latest in a series of award winning analyt­ics tech­nolo­gies.

Apollo is a revo­lu­tion­ary new tech­nol­ogy that auto­mates the setup, config­u­ra­tion, and deploy­ment of Adobe Analyt­ics, Target and Expe­ri­ence Cloud ID Service.

When combined with Search Discovery’s indus­try leading analyt­ics experts, Apollo is once again revo­lu­tion­iz­ing the analyt­ics indus­try by provid­ing Adobe customers with the fastest and most sophis­ti­cated way to design and deploy Adobe analyt­ics.

Changing the analytics industry… again!


Our mission at Search Discovery has always been to provide Adobe customers with the world’s best imple­men­ta­tions. Through the creation of Apollo and the aggre­ga­tion of the collec­tive knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence of hundreds of analyt­ics experts and thou­sands of imple­men­ta­tions, Search Discovery is now able to provide our clients the most sophis­ti­cated and resilient Adobe Analyt­ics imple­men­ta­tions we have ever offered every single time.


With the goal of creat­ing the world’s first repeat­able auto­mated imple­men­ta­tion solu­tion, our engi­neer­ing team was not satis­fied with just doing “better”. In our expe­ri­ence  helping thou­sands of compa­nies purchase and install analyt­ics plat­forms, we under­stand all too well the chal­lenges of making a soft­ware buying deci­sion when customers don’t know the time require­ments or the total cost to imple­ment. 

There­fore, we chal­lenged ourselves to not only create a better solu­tion, but to cut the time in half and offer it for an indus­try-first, uniform fixed fee. That is exactly what we’ve created: Apollo not only allows us to deliver the highest quality solu­tion we’ve ever offered, but we’ve also cut the time to imple­ment and the vari­abil­ity of the cost of the imple­men­ta­tion so that stake­hold­ers know exactly what they are getting, when they will have it and what it will cost. With the addi­tion of Apollo, Search Discovery now offers any Adobe customer the ability to begin using data in as little as 4 weeks, all for a flat fee.


The Apollo name comes from NASA’s Apollo program of space flight and moon explo­ration.  At Search Discovery, we continue to draw inspi­ra­tion from NASA’s Apollo program; its auda­cious goals, its incred­i­ble results, and its team’s dedi­ca­tion to process, testing, commu­ni­ca­tion, and contin­u­ous improve­ment. Just as NASA’s Apollo program built upon the expe­ri­ence gained from the Mercury and Gemini missions, Search Discovery’s Apollo tech­nol­ogy brings forward best prac­tices estab­lished from thou­sands of Adobe Analyt­ics imple­men­ta­tions.

Apollo’s mission is to make it easier and faster for compa­nies to collect and use their 1st party data in sustain­able ways. But this is not a new idea. The creation of Apollo is more than a decade in the making dating back to 2009 when Search Discovery created and deployed a revo­lu­tion­ary new tag manage­ment system called Satel­lite TMS. Later acquired by Adobe in 2013 and renamed Adobe DTM, the origins of both Apollo and Adobe DTM came out of the same goal, create services and tech­nolo­gies that allow customers to get higher quality data into their hands faster and at a lower cost.  Apollo accel­er­ates any orga­ni­za­tion’s ability to use data with purpose, enabling greater customer engage­ment through person­al­ized expe­ri­ences and opti­miza­tion programs that will drive signif­i­cant busi­ness impact. Like installing an analyt­ics or testing plat­form without a TMS, some day very soon, the idea of imple­men­ta­tion without a tech­nol­ogy driving the setup, config­u­ra­tion and deploy­ment like Apollo will be unheard of in the enter­prise space.


Rapid Deploy­ment Start access­ing your data in as little as 4 weeks
Reduce Errors Auto­mates many manual tasks reduc­ing intro­duc­tion of human error
Remove Stum­bling Blocks Data layer vali­da­tion tools that remove common stum­bling blocks to many imple­men­ta­tions
Flex­i­ble & Scal­able The solu­tion lever­ages the Launch exten­sion model allow­ing you infi­nite flex­i­bil­ity and scal­a­bil­ity as your busi­ness needs change
Set Up for Success Provides you with the highest quality and thor­ough 1st party data that can be used to create compelling customer expe­ri­ences and engage­ment
Fixed Fee We will provide you a fixed fee quote based on your specific needs



After complet­ing 1,000s of imple­men­ta­tions, we found that our team collec­tively possessed a repos­i­tory of knowl­edge repre­sent­ing about ~80% of what compa­nies need in order to under­stand their busi­ness and acti­vate market­ing and opti­miza­tion programs. This collec­tion of expe­ri­ence allowed us to create a new tech­nol­ogy that auto­mates the setup, config­u­ra­tion, and deploy­ment of Adobe’s solu­tion lever­ag­ing our best prac­tices and exper­tise provid­ing every orga­ni­za­tion high-quality, high-impact data.





Days Saved


With Apollo for Adobe Analyt­ics, you can get:

  • Full under­stand­ing of your busi­ness goals and your site/app features
  • An Adobe Analyt­ics imple­men­ta­tion built on Adobe Launch provid­ing unlim­ited flex­i­bil­ity and adapt­abil­ity
  • Solu­tion Design Resource that describes your solu­tion and how the Adobe Analyt­ics Admin Console is config­ured
  • Data Layer Guide that instructs your devel­op­ers how to create and vali­date the data layer
  • Data Layer Vali­da­tion tools that reduce devel­op­ment cycles
  • Top-notch Reports that get your busi­ness users started under­stand­ing how the solu­tions fit together as well as Best Prac­tice busi­ness reports



Whether you are migrat­ing from Adobe DTM to Launch or are consid­er­ing Adobe Analyt­ics for the first time, reach out to us today. We would love to get you on the road to high-quality data faster.

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