Four Reasons to Add YouTube CTV to Your Marketing Strategy Today

Here’s why you should consider adding CTV to your marketing strategy through Display & Video 360. Plus, learn how to reach YouTube CTV viewers with new CTV & OTT DV360 workflows.

The Connected TV (CTV) media buying process has been a challenge for advertisers, with many unsure where to start or unable to access premium inventory. From convoluted DSP ecosystems to black box targeting and tracking, advertisers have shied away from the medium even during its rapid growth during the pandemic.

However, today, the market opportunity is RIGHT for companies of all sizes to invest in this marketing channel.

Today’s market opportunity for CTV and OTT

Traditional TV viewership is on a steep decline, with cord-cutters soon to outnumber paid TV users. YouTube’s viewership numbers rival both Netflix and Hulu. Add to this opportunity Google Display & Video 360’s improved capabilities, making it easier than ever to access digital TV inventory across Connected TV and Over-the Top (OTT) streaming (for both YouTube and third-party inventory), and you’ve got a compelling argument to incorporate CTV in your media mix.

This post gives you four reasons why adding YouTube Connected TV to your marketing strategy is a good idea right now.

1. YouTube has expansive reach on CTV

‘Cord-cutting,’ once considered a millennial trend, has now evolved to become the norm as more generations adopt internet-powered television. With decreasing ad spends on linear TV, CTV has become a major player in the video advertising space.

According to eMarketer, YouTube is the No. 1 over-the-top (OTT) platform in the US, and
over 60% of YouTube viewers will watch on Connected TVs by 2024.

That is over 140 million viewers!

US viewer hours for CTV, by service

Additionally, YouTube was found to be the No. 2 streaming service, behind Netflix, when it came to total hours spent watching content on CTVs in the US, according to Comscore OTT Intelligence (sourced from image above). And with Google’s announcement of its YouTube Live subscriber base surpassing 5 million users, putting it past Hulu in user base, advertisers are sure to reach their target audience.

2. YouTube usage on CTV devices is outgrowing usage on mobile devices

Users still gravitate to their phones when watching YouTube, but for the first time since 2022, the increased adoption of YouTube viewing on TVs will reduce mobile viewing to less than 50%. Now, more than a third of YouTube video views are done on TVs and other connected devices.

Average time spent per day with YouTube, by device.

And when your ads are displayed on TV screens, viewability typically increases. This is because, in most cases, ads show up full screen and are unskippable on connected TVs.

3. Google Audience Targeting for connected TV is now available

In Display and Video 360, you can now target Google audiences on connected TVs, a familiar practice to marketers managing digital ad campaigns across the Google suite. This functionality allows you to align messaging to the right viewers by targeting:

  • First-party audiences through Customer Match or Floodlights
  • Demographic and in-market audiences on YouTube
  • Affinity audiences on both YouTube and third-party inventory

If you’ve run linear TV campaigns in the past, you can understand the value in connected TV’s advanced targeting capabilities, measurability, and tracking. KPIs are nonexistent for linear media, which is why advertising dollars are often shifted to digital channels.

4. There’s a new, simplified YouTube CTV buying experience in DV360

Right now, it’s more straightforward than ever to reach YouTube Connected TV viewers, because YouTube is now included in the CTV & OTT Insertion Order buying workflow in Display and Video 360.

ight now, it’s more straightforward than ever to reach YouTube Connected TV viewers, because YouTube is now included in the CTV & OTT Insertion Order buying workflow in Display and Video 360.
Source: Screenshot from DV360 platform.

Google recently launched the YouTube & partners on CTV line item type, making the process of selecting YouTube inventory for connected devices more accessible, efficient, and intuitive for businesses of all sizes. When creating this new line item, you will see default settings pre-selected that are relevant to your targeting objectives. This means no more scrolling through options that are incompatible with the ads you want to run!

And, with the newly launched integration of Google Audiences for OTT (Over the Top) and CTV, you can gain efficiencies in creating audience segments by applying the Connected TV filter to only show those audiences available on connected devices.

How to set up a YouTube CTV line item in DV360

  1. Click New insertion order
  2. Click Connected TV and OTT streaming TV insertion order
  3. Select YouTube & partners on CTV line item type
  4. Apply your inventory sources, bid strategy, and settings (and notice the helpful pre-selected options specific to CTV!)
  5. Create an Ad Group, which is unique to YouTube line items in DV360.
  6. Select in-stream or in-feed video ad format
  7. Apply ad group level targeting (optional)
  8. Create a new ad by linking to the specific video on YouTube and setting the display and landing page URLs.
  9. Click Done to create the Ad Group.
  10. Click Create to save your new line item.

That’s it!

Ready to get started?

Search Discovery can help you get started with or advance this opportunity. If you are new to CTV, DV360, or programmatic media buying in general, Search Discovery can help!

As a Premier Google Partner, our objective is to develop and support data-driven marketing strategies that excel growth across all digital touchpoints. We can both sell licensing for DV360 and offer all the support and training your team needs to take advantage of.

Reach out and take advantage of all this programmatic media buying opportunity!

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